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I found the trailer that everyone’s getting the gifs from. And Rue’s little tune.

It needs to be March now.

Julie, you just win. At everything.

  • Me: I'm still confused about how a school can be for mines...
  • Julie (raisinbrandy): It’s the college for District Twelve. Obviously.

"Catching Fire is a flawed but much more entertaining and satisfying book than The Hunger Games and F U COLLINS for that cliffhanger.
good god."

Mark Reads “Catching Fire”: Chapter 27


Oh. my. god. I know this is fanmade, but it’s just so awesome!

I want to see this so bad now D:

Ho. Lee. Shit. That was the best fan-made trailer I have ever seen. I had shivers running down my spine the entire time I was watching it. I’m actually pumped for the movie now.


ijaycie replied to your post:  ijaycie replied to your post: ijaycie said: Peeta…

Oh wow, that’s awesome! But why the hell is Chord so far down the list!? He’s perfect for Peeta, haha.

I dunno. I don’t know half the actors on that list lol. 

I just want Kristen Chenoweth to play Effie Trinket. Seriosuly I could die happy then.

Oh my god. I did not think anyone else thought of Kristen Chenoweth as Effie. When I was reading the books, she is exactly who I pictured as Effie, from the very beginning. 

"Man, Gale sucks. Sorry to say it. I really wanted to like him, but the guy is kind of full of himself. OK, TEAM PEETA IT IS. Or wait, fuck it, TEAM CINNA. FUCK EVERYONE ELSE."

Mark Reads “Catching Fire”: Chapter 7

"So I was talking to my friend Kripa on AIM and she decided there are only two names that logically make sense for us to use when referring to Katniss and Peeta:
Both make me giggle wildly and I’d like to continue referring to them as such because I am a mere child inside."

Mark Reads “The Hunger Games”: Chapter 23

"Yeah, ok, this is really goddamn sad. If I had any tears left after reading Harry Potter, I might have shed a tear here. BUT I DIDN’T BECAUSE J.K. ROWLING STOLE ALL MY SAD."

Mark Reads “The Hunger Games”: Chapter 18

"Just allow me to let you into my head for a second: I read this passage and thought, THE HOVERCRAFT GOES NOM NOM NOM. Why am I allowed to release words to the general public."

Mark Reads “The Hunger Games”: Chapter 12