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I am DYING. This man… he’s just absolutely hilarious and it doesn’t matter what he’s writing about, it’s deep and insightful and at the same time never fails to make me laugh.

"Catching Fire is a flawed but much more entertaining and satisfying book than The Hunger Games and F U COLLINS for that cliffhanger.
good god."

Mark Reads “Catching Fire”: Chapter 27

"In the twenty-sixth chapter of Catching Fire, I realize that these little third-person introductions I do are utterly pointless because there is no way I can ever summarize what the fuck just happened. My god. If you’re intrigued, then it’s time for me to read Catching Fire and then pass out."

Mark Reads “Catching Fire”: Chapter 26

"COLLINS, YOU PULL AT MY HEARTSTRINGS. And then you crush them."

Mark Reads “Catching Fire”: Chapter 22

"MAGS FOR PRESIDENT OF PANEM. RIGHT NOW. I love that she is in an arena of death and she STRAIGHT DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK."

Mark Reads “Catching Fire”: Chapter 20