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jogan meme: [15 quotes] episode 26: hell night

"…you really are in love with him, aren’t you?" ”if i didn’t make that clear enough to you—“  "not a lot of people can say in all seriousness that they’d take a bullet for someone they liked," kurt clarified pointedly.

TFIOS!Klaine AU | Just before you went into ICU I started to feel this ache in my hip. So I went in for a PET scan.

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Glee Klaine AU___   Anderbros’ secret

Kurt and Blaine are living together in NY. Blaine and his brother Cooper skype on a regular basis, and one night, Blaine reveals intimate details of his sexlife as a confidence.

A few weeks later, Cooper is invited on Ellen’s show to promote his new movie and spills everything.

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Over and over. For all Eternity.

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Fic: Hickeys


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