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Q: I come here often for this reason but you're that ray of sunshine in a plot of darkness that reminds me: Stydia will be end game (I HOPE). PLZ write me something beautiful about them cause I srsly love them so much.



The last time she’d seen him was the the night of Scott’s “We Actually Survived High School” Party. He spent most the night in the McCall’s pool floating on a pretentious looking raft that had fake palm trees bursting out of each side. He looked happy, which was something she’d rarely seen after the Nogitsune incident. He, Scott, and Liam were busy splashing each other with water while Malia and Danny sat on the sidelines laughing and calling out party fouls. 

"Why did that never happen?" Kira’s voice sounded behind her cause Lydia to be torn away from the scene before her. 

They both stood on the back patio, far enough away that the music playing by the pool completely hid their conversation from any werewolf ears. 

"You and Stiles, I mean." Kira clarifies, a red cup in her hand as she knocks shoulders with Lydia. 

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Bailando Asi


So I noticed that Danny seemed totally unfazed by Scott wanting to dance with him in 2.11 and it made me think that maybe they’d danced together before.

Pairing: Scott/Danny
Rating: PG
Summary: Scott and Danny dance together in seventh grade.
Warnings: some references to homophobia, nothing major.

Seventh grade is a weird year for Danny. It’s the year he comes out to everyone, for real, and it’s the year that things start to change. Coming out in and of itself is weird to him—the whole part where he has to tell people, as if it’s some new thing about him, a sudden discovery, when really he feels exactly the same. Seventh grade is also the year he gets his own desktop, and he spends a lot of time on the computer seeing what he can do with ISP addresses and lines of code.

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Still patiently waiting for Hot Single Dad Scott fic

Fandom fucking loves Hot Single Dad fic and now we’ve got Scott & Liam practically giftwrapped for us

Come on guys where it at

Hot stripper dad Scott who works at a strip club to pay his way through college because he’s as earnest about his cliches as he is everything else.  And Erica drags Isaac, Boyd, Jackson and Derek to the strip club to celebrate her 21st birthday and Derek glowers mightily but she’s like ‘if only you’d made it more of a priority to add girls to your pack I’d have female friends to bring instead of you fools but nope’ and Jackson’s girlfriend Lydia is all ‘umm excuse you’ and Erica rolls her eyes ‘bitch, we’re not friends, you just came to see male derriere’ and Lydia purses her lips like ‘Hmm.  Valid.’

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prompted: Would you consider writing blind!Blaine getting the opportunity to have his eyesight restored and even though there’s still a high chance it won’t be but he decides to take it. Kurt’s with him when they see the result and Blaine wants to see is Kurt first and when they remove the wrap from his eyes he sees Kurt for the first time ever and starts crying and Kurt thinks it didn’t work but it did and Blaine’s crying because he can finally see his gorgeous husband

(note that even with research i took a few liberties for the sake of the prompt and because hey, it’s fiction)

There are empty coffee cups stacked four deep on the chair next to the bed in Blaine’s exam room, evidence of Kurt’s proclivity to chain-drink caffeine when stressed. The doctor is a lot later in coming to exam Blaine than he’d said he would be, and despite Blaine’s understanding, laidback attitude about it Kurt knows that he’s antsy and nervous, too.

“Where is he?” Kurt asks, not even bothering to try and disguise the agitated whine in his voice. He takes to pacing by the window, hands jittering as he flutters them. “He said he’d be here ten minutes ago.”

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bleep0bleep replied to your post “Still patiently waiting for Hot Single Dad Scott fic Fandom fucking…”

hot single dad scott and preschool teacher derek. liam gets in trouble for biting baby garrett and scott + the other parent comes in for a conference except DEREK IS TOO DISTRACTED BY SCOTT’S HOTNESS.

*clutches face* CARRIE YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO ME. Derek is a new preschool teacher (werewolf preschool, tiny babbies wolfing out and squealing for Mr. Derek to “do the eyes, Mr. Derek, do the eyes!” and then he does the eyes and they squeak in equal parts fear and excitement TINY BABBY SIDEBURNS OMGGGGG), so he tries to be stern with the parents so they respect his authority but then in walks MR. MCCALL with his SHEEPISH GRIN and WARM EYES and Derek can’t stop staring at the beauty mark under his eye THAT COUNTS AS EYE CONTACT RIGHT??

And meanwhile Scott apologizes profusely for Liam and it’s like his inner Stiles kicks in because he just babbles through the entire parent-teacher conference about WHO FUCKING KNOWS WHAT because all that’s running through his head is “holy shit Mr. Derek is beautiful.” There are chaperoned field trips and awkward run-ins at the grocery store AND MAYBE THERE IS A BEACHand meanwhile Stiles cackles and is wildly unhelpful the entire time, both in babysitting Liam - they don’t get along, and Scott manfully does not laugh at Stiles losing fights with a five-year-old - and in aiding Scott’s wooing endeavors. (Obvs Derek is TORN because he can’t date one of his kids’ parents THAT WOULD BE UNPROFESSIONAL (“Literally no one cares, Derek,” Isaac says, but it is a lost cause. WOE IS DEREK.))

Garrett definitely shoves Liam into the kiddie pool at one point, and Scott has to come rescue him. Derek definitely does not melt at the sight of Scott comforting a small child, and definitely not at the sight of Scott’s soaking wet clothes sticking to his well-defined body GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER HALE THERE ARE CHILDREN PRESENT.

okay but does Derek mope and pine for like MONTHS before realizing Scott keeps volunteering for the field trips and the beach endeavors and he brings snacks for all the werewolf babies and offers to help Derek clean the glitter off the classroom floor and then it all ends in makeouts and Liam dumping glitter on both of them saying “we get to keep Mr. Derek now right??”

Scott bringing healthy snacks for werewolf children DOES DEREK VOLUNTEER TO HELP HIM MAKE THEM NEXT TIME AND CUT THE CRUSTS OFF THE SANDWICHES I BET HE DOES. Longing glances over peanut butter and carrot sticks in the kitchen.

And then there is MISUNDERSTANDING when Derek’s longtime friend Boyd starts showing up for field trips (because he wants to laugh at Derek failboating over Hot Dad in real time), and Scott sees Derek and Boyd SMILING AND LAUGHING WITH EACH OTHER super fond-like and Scott’s like “Ohhhhh, they must be together.” I bet Derek totally interprets everything wrong too and thinks Scott likes Boyd. CUE IDIOT PINING. (Do Boyd and Isaac and Stiles and Allison all hang out and laugh at them behind their back you bet they do. Kira does not, because she is actually a nice person.)

(Is there a scene where Liam gets all sad about his impending preschool graduation because then he won’t get to see Mr. Derek every day and then Scott panics too I bet there is. Yes this spans an entire academic year these idiots pine at the speed of a glacier.)

Omigosh crawling around the tiny desks cleaning up glitter and Derek’s so focused on this one pesky pile of glitter that he doesn’t notice Scott getting closer and suddenly he looks up and Scott is right there. And because Scott has no game whatsoever, he pulls the friggin’ eyelash move, all like, “Hey, you’ve got some glitter there-” and brushes his thumb over Derek’s cheek and then they’re both leaning in and kissing and getting glitter everywhere oh no they should probably go wash that off together maybe.

And then yes Liam glitterbombs them and is adorable. DOES HE INCLUDE MR. DEREK IN HIS DRAW-MY-FAMILY PICTURE I BET HE DOES.




Guys, please read my extremely NSFW Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic told from the perspective of Groot here.

I don’t normally rec a lot of PWP, but wow. Stop what you’re doing and read this, you won’t regret it!



avengers au where clint’s got his hearing aids but he turns them off when hes bored so that he can try to decipher what everyones saying
and no one knows he does it but they think its weird when he misses huge gaps of a story or throws in an oddly specific detail that never happened or gets a name really wrong on an official report
tony and nat try to piece together whats happening through increasingly convoluted ways that may result in more than a few injuries
steves convinced its just something left over from when loki was in his head and he keeps trying to get sam to talk to him about it
bruce starts trying to develop a new hearing aid that’ll register the sound better (clint accepts them and then proceeds to continue turning those ones off too)
and then one day thor’s telling a story about loki’s embarrassing childhood and he just offhandedly says ‘tell barton to turn his ears on, he will like the next part’ and the room just goes quiet as they realize theres absolutely nothing wrong with clint hes just been being a shit the entire time

When a fic you thought was abandoned gets updated:




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