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omg but now i’m imagining scott leaving butterfly kisses along derek’s neck and oF COURSE DEREK LOVES IT SIGHING LIKE THE HAPPY LIL DORK HE IS but then pan over to stiles staring at them over his chow mein all like “wtf r u even doin rn”

gOD they probably get super gooey at pack nights can u imagine like cuddling up to each other and they forget everyone else is there until someones like “oh for gODS SAKE CAN U SHUT UP SO WE CAN FINISH THIS GODDAMN MOVIE”

ohhh nooooo you had me at “pack boardgame night”

they are banned from playing cards against humanity because they give each other the win literally every time. derek SUCKS at cah (and scott is too nice to come up with the mean zingers, so he sucks like 50% of the time) and his cards never make any fucking sense but scott picks him anyway. same vice versa. stupid cheating werewolves id-ing scents from the cards.

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You And I, Part 2


Fun fact: if you stop reading before the second-to-last paragraph in this section, you can kinda sorta mostly pretend this was just a cute but weird lil Scerek small town/rock star AU. More or less.

Yeah, so the actual Orpheus/Eurydice mythology is (barely) starting in this section, and you know what that means. Major character death. Yup. The Fates are not actually in the original story, but I like keeping them around because reasons.

The next and final part will be up on Wednesday, as well as the alternate ending in a separate post. I’ll…probably be jumping right into my Odysseus/Penelope AU on Friday. Yay happy endings.

Part 2 Word Count: 4k

(Part 1)


“…And that was Scott McCall with the eponymous single off his album, Nebraska. Eponymous, that means named after. I just gave you all a vocabulary lesson. You’re welcome. Anyway, we’re all waiting patiently for Scott to finish his upcoming album, but I hear we’ll be getting a new song in the not-too-distant future-”

Braeden turns the radio down. “Why do you listen to that stuff?”

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so this housewife decided to rewrite the harry potter series into christian books so that her kids wont be reading about witchcraft and i just cant eveN BREATHE BC THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL

read it here:

Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles







pocketlass scott mccall the vet carrying tiny kittens around in the pocket of his scrubs bYE



pOCKET NO do u think sometimes scott does paperwork at his desk with the kitten perched on his shoulder and maybe derek keeps coming in to browse the animals up for adoption but really he just wants to see scott again aND EVERY SINGLE TIME scott has some tiny animal on his person like maybe theres a wee puppy in his hands or a tiny turtle riding on the top of his shoe but that one tiny kitten is always in his pocket it loves to snuggle up there and maybe one day scott sees derek looking and asks if he wants to learn how to feed it and so he shows derek how to hold the bottle and how to stroke under its chin and eventually derek adopts the damn thing because its too cute and scott says he can’t part with the kitten so he comes to visit derek all the time but really he just wants to see derek more

ohhhh nooooo now I’m never gonna be able to sleep with the mental image of Scott doing paperwork with a tinY KITTEN PERCHED ON HIS SHOULDER STARING DOWN ALL INTENTLY LOOK IT’S SO CUTE IT’S HELPING. Derek has the worst fucking luck in the world, because every time he swings by the vet’s there’s a TINY ANIMAL HANGING OUT WITH SCOTT LIKE HE’S A FUCKIN DISNEY PRINCESS OR SOME SHIT.

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Q: prompt: scott and stiles watch derek and braeden's daughter and accidentally teach her a bad word

— Anonymous




"She needs Mr. Bunny directly after she’s eaten," Derek says, his eyes wide. "But when she’s sleeping she needs Bluebear or she won’t sleep at all. If she’s fidgety, play her the Brahms CD. She likes the quicker stuff. And she—"

"Derek," Braeden says, very seriously. She’s standing outside the door with her purse. "If you don’t stop talking and make us late for dinner, I will shove Mr. Bunny up your ass.”

Stiles doesn’t say a word. He and Scott have got it down that to mess with Derek and Braeden about either their daughter or their dinner reservations is to mess with the forces of hell itself.

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Q: The One Where Eddie Moves In

— Anonymous


this didn’t really work like… as Eddie for anyone. so, i sort of wrote a different thing.


“So,” Isaac eyes the possible new tenant warily from where he’s examining Boyd’s painting on the wall. “Do you have any questions for us?”

Stiles turns and beams at him, Derek feels it like a punch to the gut. “Nah, I don’t think so. You say it’s three hundred a month?”

“Three fifty,” Derek corrects flatly.

Boyd elbows him in the stomach. “Three hundred, plus we have an account you can put money in for bills and shit.”

Stiles glances from Derek to Boyd, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “You want me to pay three twenty five, would that make you feel better?”

Derek scowls as Boyd and Isaac both grin. “We have really noisy neighbors.”

“’S’cool, my best friend and his girlfriend used to have ridiculously loud sex in the room next to me,” Stiles smirks ruefully.

“You can’t smoke.”

Stiles waves his hands around. “I got better things to do with these than stain them yellow.”

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My grandma just asked me “why are you smiling at your phone, is it a boy?”

Yes, it is a boy
Fucking another boy
In this sick-ass fanfic Im reading

You And I, Part 1


Or, my take on a Scerek modern-day rockstar Orpheus/Eurydice AU. I’ll be updating every M/W/F, so the way things look I think it’ll be finished by this time next week.

For those who don’t know: the entire myth is based on Eurydice dying. So my story has major character death in which Derek dies. (That said, I will be writing a wildly self-indulgent alternate ending where Derek comes back, because I am a total baby about sad endings.)

This is a completely separate story from my Scerek Hades/Persephone AU, but I wrote them kind of in the same ‘verse (past lives or something; just go with it or ignore it completely). Erica, Boyd, and Isaac are actually the Fates/Moirai here, though:

  • Erica = Clotho, spinner of thread of life
  • Boyd = Lachesis, measurer of thread of life
  • Isaac = Atropos, cutter of thread of life

Scott/Orpheus’ Never Look Back Tour is unashamedly stolen from Disney’s Hercules TV show, which I for some reason find endlessly hilarious. Fic title is from "You And I" by Lady Gaga, which you should probably listen to just so you understand why I keep blathering about the lyric Nebraska like it’s something significant.

Hahaha realistic progression of musical success hahaha. (I did look at Katy Perry and Lorde’s astronomical careers, but) Orpheus charmed actual rocks and trees with his music, okay, just go with Scott McCall’s crazy rise to fame.

Part 1 Word Count: 3k


“Dude! I can’t wait to go to Scott McCall’s Never Look Back Tour! It’s gonna be so epic!”

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Stolen, Part 9


I was about to be like, “We’re getting out of the angst!” and then I reread this and realized how untrue that was. Okay, next time we’re getting out of the angst… probably. Definitely in the winding down stages of the fic, though.

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8)


Mom cries when she sees him.

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Okay but when they put the beserker skull on Scott, I started wondering about who else was under those skulls, who else Kate had enslaved. So when Derek grabbed on I was really hoping he was going to start freeing people she’d fucked up, and instead just… poof. Sad.

i would like an AU where they have to like, steal a bus to get everyone home to Beacon Hills, because Derek is taking in all the beserker refugees and stashing them in his building.

Yes, this. This really bothered me, and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I mean, once Sheriff blew the first guy up, I accepted that Teen Wolf was going the “faceless dehumanized video game monster” route with the Berserkers. I wasn’t happy about it, but I accepted that that was what would happen. Which is sad, considering they went through all the trouble of showing how Kate could very much turn a live, thinking/feeling human into one. Since this is the only process we witnessed, extrapolation says the same may have happened with the others.

I’m gonna see your happy AU and raise you a worse one, because I still feel off-kilter about this. Because maybe the other Berserkers weren’t alive the way Scott was. Maybe Kate did raise the dead to become her mindless slaves, and maybe it was like killing a zombie, maybe it was an end to suffering. Maybe you can’t get back what already died.

And remembering one of the Berserker’s physique and skin tone, maybe that fan theory was right. Maybe Kate brought back Boyd and Erica. And maybe Erica died, again, alone and betrayed with no one to comfort her in her final moments. And maybe Boyd died, again, by Derek’s hands. Just like before.

Maybe Derek and the others never found out that it had been Boyd and Erica under the bones. Maybe Kate told Scott, but by the time he freed himself and defeated Peter, the other Berserkers were already dust. Maybe Scott kept it to himself, because how could he tell Derek that he’d killed Boyd again? Maybe Scott didn’t know how to help free them, and the Berserkers would have slaughtered them before they had a chance to try. Maybe they didn’t have a choice. Maybe none of it matters at all, because what is dead is dead and they were never really back at all, it was just their stitched-together bodies and empty faces.

But maybe they killed Boyd and Erica all over again. Because sometimes you get second chances, but sometimes history repeats itself all over again.

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